Everyone at Aesthetic Gardener seeks to continuously improve our services, products, and processes to satisfy our customers.  We believe in creative freedom, not stock "one size fits all" designs.  Nature's beauty inspires us to create landscape masterpieces that bring environmental enjoyment to our customers for years.

We are not seed planters or grass cutters.  We are landscaping professionals who take pride in our ability to design, create, and maintain and outdoor surrounding for all of our customers within a realistic budget.  We do not present customers with a "take it or leave it plan.  We work with them to ensure that the landscape we create for them is truly their landscaping masterpiece.

Honesty, respect, fairness and courtesy are the foundations of Aesthetic Gardener's interactions with its customers.  There is no such thing as a small customer at Aesthetic Gardener.  All of our customers receive the same high level of respect and service.

Located in Holland, Michigan we provide a complete range of landscaping services to Ottawa, Allegan, and Kent counties as well as the rest of Western Michigan, including design and creation of residential and commercial landscapes, building retaining walls and rock gardens, as well as Spring and Fall cleanup.  We also provide superior lawn maintenance and snow removal for Ottawa and Allegan counties.

Aesthetic Gardener stands behind its strong reputation for quality and honesty.  To discuss your landscaping needs or to request a free estimate click on "Contact Us" on the  navigation bar.